Cory White

It all started at a young age, in Coffs Harbour, where Cory grew up. Borrowing (....stealing) his Dads SLR camera, and roaming around shooting anything that got his attention. From landscapes to buildings, people/friends and animals, surfing and just about any other sport. Surfing and the ocean was his thing though. He always loved everything about it!!! He grew up, finished school, moved to the Gold Coast, did an apprenticeship as an Electrician, and began his own small business as a tradesman. This meant long hours, and little time, to pursue his love for photography. It was until he suffered a near-fatal Traumatic Brain Injury (snowboarding in Japan), that would set him back a long way!!! Taking years in rehabilitation, learning to walk, talk, drive, swim, surf, think again. A mental struggle that hit him hard, and took him time to become HIMSELF again. After all that time, he had an epiphany.....it was time to be doing more of the things that were really important, things that he was deeply passionate about....like the ocean, surfing, and photography!!! So he relearned all these skills that he had learnt earlier (and plenty more!) moved to the Sunshine Coast, and started on his way in the Freelance Photography world.

"Trust me it's a tough thing to do, but in the long run it's all so worthwhile, and fulfilling!! It's been an absolute BLAST!!! And I can't thank enough, the people that have supported me and pushed me to pursue this dream I had, to become an International, Professional, Freelance Photographer/Videographer!!"

Years on, he's worked in multiple countries (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Maldives, Jordan, Turkey, Portugal, etc) shooting numerous categories of work (surfing, landscapes, real estate, product advertisement, live event coverage, commercial events, etc) and still loving every single moment!!!​

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